1. Because human beings are not born equal in physical and mental capacity, nor in social status, Society and State must guarantee equal rights and opportunities.
  2. Because there is a moral imperative in all consciences, personal, social and political opportunism is to be condemned.
  3. Because individuals can not develop their vocations or their actions outside of the social context, loyalty is the foundation of all personal and social virtues.
  4. Because Venezuelans suffer fear derived from their traditional education in the authoritarian state, only personal courage can create the strength of civil society vis-à-vis the State.
  5. Because for many centuries, the intelligence and the creative spirit have been sacrificed and despised, separating them from the centers of education, the State and the Parties, these individual faculties must be organized to have an active presence in civil society.
  6. Because decency constitutes the decorum of civilization, civil society must civilize the Parties and Unions, taking them out of the State.
  7. Because between the State of Political Parties and civil society there is no intermediate political society, the most civilized part of that should guide the formation of it, without the help of the State.
  8. Because politics affects the universe of the governed, if the language of politicians and communicative media are not forthright with correct and expressive language of common sense, this leads to concealment of falsehood or outright fraud.
  9. Because the hidden reasons of political power are not legitimate, reason of State will always be illegitimate.
  10. Because the reason for government only legitimizes the political freedom of those who elect the executive power of the State, are illegitimate, although legal, all governments that are not directly elected by the governed and can not be revoked by them.
  11. Because the reason of the law is in the prudence of independent legislators. Those legislators are elected by those who have to obey the laws they create. The laws emanated from Parliament by the Government and are not necessarily justifiable, although they are compulsorily obeyed.
  12. Because the reason for legal justice lies in the expert knowledge of a judiciary independent of the government and the parliament, the resolutions of a judicial organization dependent on both powers can not be just or worthy.
  13. Because the reason of the chosen one is in the unipersonal, imperative and revocable mandate of the elector, the proportional list system is fraudulent, which only represents the party leaders.
  14. Because the media form public opinion, information controlled by an oligopoly of economic powers can not be impartial or truthful.
  15. Because corruption is inherent in the comingling of state powers, it can only be cured with separation between their respective ambitions.
  16. Because the presidentialist Republic of Parties lacks the authority to guarantee the unity of the Venezuelan conscience, and has been the focus of coups and corruption, it must be replaced by a Constitutional Republic. This would separate the powers of the State, representing a civil society and resolving the corruptibility in the presidential form of Government.
  17. Because the only reason for political obedience lies in the free consent of the governed, they retain their right to civil disobedience and passive resistance against any government which abuses power or corrupts itself.
  18. Because the power system of the American nations is not democratic, Venezuelans are obliged to innovate their political culture in order to reach democracy as a formal rule of the political game.
  19. For loyalty to civil society, Political Parties, Trade Unions and Non-Governmental Organizations can not be financed by the State; and by loyalty to the personal conscience of the members of this Movement of Citizens, the MCRC will not become a political party, and will be dissolved as soon as its action is exhausted with the referendum that ratifies the new democratic Constitution of the Republic of Venezuela.



The Constitution of 1961 consecrated the party state system as a result of the Punto Fijo pact.

The state of parties degenerated into an oligarchy of parties with the vices of a client state dependent on oil revenues.

The 1999 Constitution deepened the errors of the 1961 Constitution and established a single-party oligarchy system

Both Constitutions privilege the state of parties that hijack the will of its citizens

In both Constitutions, the division of functions of the state are established, not the absolute separation of powers necessary for a true democracy.

The Chavez state of 1999 summarizes the worst of the previous system and with its sectarianism and single party dictatorship leads the republic toward collapse.



  1. A true formal democracy with absolute separation of powers.
  2. De-ideologize the Constitution. The Constitution should only define the rules of the political game and it can not be an endless list of rights and duties.
  3. Direct election of representatives and not political parties
  4. Do not support any form of legitimation of the current party oligarchy regime.
  5. Promote a period of Constitutional freedom which changes the Constitution and consecrates the principles of formal democracy, with collective political freedom in a republican state with absolute separation of public powers.



The MCRC Venezuela is a political movement which fights for collective political freedom in Venezuela, not a political party

The MCRC is open to the participation of civilians and military in its midst.

The MCRC will not nominate candidates for the presidency of the republic or the National Assembly.

When conditions permit, the MCRC will participate actively in a genuine Constituent process and will support candidates to the Constituent Assembly committed to collective political freedom.

The MCRC will not have the organizational rigidity or discipline of a political party.

To be a member of the MCRC, it is enough to support, defend and publicly promote its principles and program as proposed in this document.

The MCRC will have a flexible organizational form and adapted to the specific needs of each community to fulfill its mission.

The MCRC Venezuela will coordinate in a federative way with all the MCRC that are organized inside or outside the country, in each community or social sector.

Each MCRC will have full autonomy for the management of its activities to the extent that its action is subject to the program and objectives of the MCRC Venezuela.



Organize the laocratic third in civil and military society to promote the process of Constitutional freedom.

Promote electoral abstention as a form of active struggle to delegitimize the oligarchy of parties in Venezuela

Reject and fight any initiative that legitimizes the current state of parties.

Reject the oligarchy system of parties established in the Constitutions of 1961 and 1999.

Promote the general political strike to overthrow Maduro’s dictatorship.

(*) Document for the consideration of current and future members of the MCRC Venezuela in its founding phase.